Montessori Toy Reusable Colouring Book Magic Water Painting Book  


The drawings can be reused, which is more economical;
You can only paint with water to prevent babies from smearing clothes;
The colorless cartoon pattern is conducive to the development of the baby’s imagination.
product manual:
1. The picture album has 5 pages, and 4 pages can be drawn.
2. After the water stains on the drawing are dried, they can be recycled.
3. Before using the brush, soak the pen for a few minutes. After the pen softens, you can draw.
4. The brush can be filled with tap water without pigment.
5. After using the drawing book, you can wipe it with a rag until the water stains dry, and then close the picture.


Children will love painting with this magic water pen that will reveal beautiful colours.

These painting books are great for a mess-free activity at home.

Paint the images with just water to reveal their colours, let them dry and the colours disappear, then paint them again.

Great educational book that helps children to recognize colours and animals, improve your kid’s creativity, dexterity and learning skills. Children  will learn so much from drawing while having lots of fun.

Each book in the set includes 4 reusable spiral-bound pages and a no-mess, refillable water pen.




Fruit, Christmas, Animal, Mouse, Universe, Robert, Traffic, Cartoon Letter, Birthday Party, Underwater World, Girls, Pig Family, Happy Childhood, Dinosaur, Chinese Girl, 1pcs pen


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Montessori Toy Reusable Colouring Book Magic Water Painting Book  
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