Music Flashing Rattle Toy Rabbit Ear Teether Infant Pacifier 

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This cute rabbit shaped rattle toy with coloured beads and shadow light effect is the perfect toy for your infant.
Cute smiling face light flashes and plays music when shaken.
The ears of the bunny, made of food-grade silicone material can be used as a pacifier and chewing them can also help your baby relieve the discomfort of teething.
Switch on button to adjust the volume and switch songs.
Light weight toy with an ergonomic shape made for the size of your baby’s little hands.

Material: 100% Harmless ABS Plastic ( non-toxic and odorless )

Features: The ear with food grade silicone material can help teeth development.



Cute rabbit teether music stick


Shake it with your hands, a good partner for sensory training


Sensory training is important


Newborns have a sensitive perception of music and rhythm


Small body, big function


Shake and change notes to form a song


Press the heart-shaped button, when the song is playing, shake the music stick to play the current music from the beginning, each time it is shaken, a note will be played, and the music will be formed by shaking continuously.


Pacifier-like teething gum


Baby teether is soft and comfortable to bite, helping your baby get through the teething period


High-fidelity sound quality, care for hearing


Give your baby a different feeling of sound quality, and at the same time configure the key to adjust the volume of the sound, and meet different needs with one click

volume adjustment button


Rounded workmanship, safe and burr-free, comfortable grip, easy for small hands to grasp


Soothe and accompany the mother to have a good beauty sleep


The rabbit’s face exudes soft lights and music, and the belly part will change with different songs, which helps to sleep and enlighten the baby with music at the same time.


Sand Hammer Mode Accompaniment


Press the heart-shaped key to enter the continuous play mode. Every time you shake it, the light at the bottom will flash once with the sand hammer sound, which is very interesting.


“Small belly” that can be turned


The rotatable “small belly” provides training equipment for the baby’s sense of touch and finger flexibility.


Built-in colorful beads, follow the rotation, make a crisp sound, interesting and fun


Cute shape, soft colors, extra points of affinity, soothe the baby’s emotions








pink, blue, orange, green, pink style 2, blue style 2, green style 2, pink style 3, blue style 3, yellow style 3

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90 reviews for Music Flashing Rattle Toy Rabbit Ear Teether Infant Pacifier 

  1. Gianmaria De Sario

    A good toy, music, glows, there is a rattle, without batteries, as a gift stickers, thank you

  2. Devon Huntoon

    Good bunny, everything works. As a gift put stickers)) went a little more than a month

  3. Ildefonso Sollami

    A good toy, the melodies are really not enough. With a light impact, the toy also makes sounds-it’s cool) Thanks for the gift.

  4. Valtena Amodei

    A good toy, the child is happy. Ears soft can be bit. The seller put stickers as a gift.

  5. Jaqueline Phipps

    Order for gift at the most have Hare алило. Like the fact that can be this toy off and use as usual rattle, more like ears this baby is not exactly sgryzet.
    In Ekaterinburg came a month later. The need for 2 mizinchikovye.

  6. Jamel ben mabrouk

    Recommend. It is written that it will come on September 6 and came on August 8 to Orsha. I recommend the seller. It was about 2 weeks, not more. The only of the minuses in the photo, but this is not the main thing

  7. Tandy Hoyte

    Super)) the baby has not yet been born, but the gifts have already come. It’s a pity that with the first child there were no such cool things

  8. Bonnie Montes

    Cool rattle) lights, 4 Music, and barabanit)

  9. Isadora Heer

    Nice rattle. Delivery SDEC. Plays from 2 batteries and lights. A child in 2 months is interested, and even more interest is caused by the older child
    They did not communicate with the seller.

  10. Korey Wu

    Good Toy, everything works! I did not communicate with the seller.

  11. Lanie Edwin

    A cool toy for such money. 2 volume levels. Backlighting. The child throws, until it is split))) rubber ears, it is convenient to gnaw

  12. Jaqueline Phipps

    Cute bunny. Adjust the volume, pleasant melody

  13. Lanie Edwin

    Very cool bunny, we really liked it)
    Still as a gift put children’s stickers, it was very nice)

  14. Emma Carra

    For my money toy is great, child very like!

  15. Emmanuel Gillie

    A good rattle, the ears are moderately soft, everything works, the music plays, 2 Volume modes, flashing, there are small scuffs, not critical. I came packed in a Duper. As a gift put stickers. Thank you) purchase is happy. Recommend.

  16. Jeremy pinot

    Thank you very much, Long went, but finally came! I am very pleased that the toy is in my hands! Thanks separately, for the stickers for the elder, nice!

  17. Aamir Boyd

    Quality is good, there is no smell, inserted Pinky batteries, glows, as a gift put stickers. Thank you) ours is only terribly laughing, melody, if you call it, only one. Maybe I got caught like this. The child in 10 months is no longer interested (cabinets and drawers are more interesting.

  18. Savannah Brotherton

    The toy is cool. Glows. When turned on, giggles. Then the music plays, and if you start shaking it produces one sound from the melody. Milodius several. Child 4 months. It’s a bang. We’re happy. Recommend. There was a parcel up to Mo for three weeks.

  19. Eleri Barnes

    I really liked the Bunny and the child too!
    2 Sound levels (for this special thanks), several melodies, makes sounds from touch, indication of equal colors! Below the balls, typo rattles, ears silicone can be gnawed. Cool! 5 Star

  20. Jaimee Harter

    Quality and good. Plastic does not smell. Delivered quickly, 20 days to St. Petersburg. As a gift put stickers

  21. Korey Wu

    Just like in the description. For your day-fine. Seller put a present. Came very quickly, for 10 days, instead of the promised a month.

  22. Susann Masson

    The toy is working, works from two Pinky batteries, plays music and glow head and where the balls, can be used as a rattle, the ears are soft, rubber

  23. Reiko Jeanlouis

    The toy is super, I ordered another bunny-nanny pro, but there. We still small do not use all modes, unlike (Bert toise) this toy with balls inside and flashing in different colors. I’m delighted with her playing some melodies, and it’s very good, because. We do not like songs as long as only melodies. I bought for 298 rubles. now it’s cheaper (eh. In general, the fire is a toy, it is possible as well as to rattle it under the medodia, just to be shabby and there will be sounds of melodies,,, 100 percent 5 points!

  24. Craig Piro

    Need 2 AAA batteries.
    All as in the description and a small gift.

  25. Wendelin Jonas

    Excellent game, so also for 300₽-just a dream. Rattle, changes melodies when you press the button, glows. Two volume levels.

  26. Adella Tarry

    Cool kogremushka. Glows, blinks, music plays. Baby happy

  27. Ildefonso Sollami

    Come in normal package wrapped pupyrke, keep in mind if you buy a gift, with the WB same come in original box
    Muzzle slightly wrinkled, child 2.5 months interested)))

  28. Anacleto Adornetto

    Bright, loud, the sound of the rattle is pleasant. Thank you for the toy and gift.

  29. Xose Mendez

    Delivery is definitely necessary to take my baby 3 months old, he very much loves her especially when she gets stronger, she laughs and the baby is funny.
    And so the music plays 6 or 7 tunes automatically then turn off. Even when you touch it when the music plays you as if you play the instrument (every melody your instrument) will grow up, I think it will not go with it. Even now for his age it is convenient for him to hold. So I recommend the product. In advance, buy 2 batteries.

  30. Lorean Soni

    Beautiful… Very functional, various musichette, two volumes, and Rattle

  31. Fukumoto Shusake

    Need 2 Pinky batteries, everything works, melodies play. Baby pleases

  32. Anacleto Adornetto

    Toy works well.
    I like that there are two volume modes.
    fast delivery.

  33. Lisabeth Brennen

    The toy works, makes different sounds, strong, fell from the table and did not break.

  34. Renesmae Knapp

    Packed perfectly, nothing was damaged, the delivery of the debt was, the batteries were not included, and so everything works, thanks))

  35. Savannah Brotherton

    A cool Hare, so interesting for a child, came a whole, light music all works, for such a price just a super toy

  36. Roderick Roth

    The rabbit is great! My boys love it. Buy and be happy 🙂 thank you seller!

  37. Emma Carra

    Delivered well, packed, does not smell, rattle high.

  38. Efan Wharton

    Cool bright toy. Loud music. Have not yet given the child. As a gift put stickers, which pleased. I recommend the seller.

  39. Andrea Xiong

    Bunny came to Orenburg for a month, as stated by the seller. The ears are rubber, at the bottom where the balls are a rattle, the color is unsaturated (dim pink), which is not critical. Batteries fit Pinky. The toy has 6 different songs. You can adjust the volume. All its functions perform. As a gift, the seller also put stickers. I think the daughter will really like how it will grow up a little!

  40. Aasiyah Haney

    Thank you very much very beautiful I recommend you this pradavits I will order Izhevsk to Italy it came for 2 weeks

  41. Major Woodrum

    Super. Very satisfied. there are no smells, the material is pleasant. Twins like it. batteries are not included in the package. it glows and blinks cool, there are several melodies. Definitely recommend

  42. Samirah Hood

    The toy glows, sings and makes noise. Excellent. As a gift stickers put

  43. Niam Mullins

    Everything is fine, it works as in the description, 4 months old the child was interested in music. No less expensive analogs, thanks to the seller for the gift-nice.

  44. Fritz Filippi

    Interactive. I order not the first time such a toy. Works on batteries correctly. Flashing, musical.
    Thank you seller.

  45. Iside Casaletto

    We liked the bunny. Son 2 months, when we turn on he immediately smiles. Packed well, everything is whole. The seller immediately sent the goods after payment. And as a gift put stickers, the little thing is nice. Product and seller recommend!!!

  46. Branda Goshorn

    Great rattle. The seller sent bysro. 5 +, for such money, I will order more.

  47. Javier Molinoqe

    Super!!! Yes for such money) 2 volume modes, pleasant melodies, 3 modes-rattle, keys and children’s laughter. For 5 months the child liked it! Cut teeth to the same)
    And the older gift fell out (thank you to the seller for the stickers!)

  48. Yuvraj Wolf

    Good Bunny came in time, packed well, came whole. The seller, as promised to put as a gift stickers, works from 2 Pinky batteries, there are 2 levels of volume, the melodies are good, the child is comfortable to take,, If the Bunny gets it, it makes the sounds of a melody. For such a price a very good toy and ears can be chased. Definitely recomedous

  49. Marchelle Dowden

    The order is from 21.06, the issue point was 12.07.
    The performance was not checked, because There were no Pinky batteries in the house. Everything looks fine.

  50. Carla Poole

    The goods came quickly, in one word China. If there is money, I advise you to buy a normal Hare in Russia, will sing songs and tell tales. Sent as a gift a set of stickers for the child.

  51. Carla Poole

    Arrived fast, a lot of music and light. Great quality

  52. Lisabeth Brennen

    The goods are excellent. Listened to the music and pulled out the batteries. Without sound, a better toy

  53. Kathi Okamura

    Loud, but maybe later the baby will come in until 4,5 months. And so everything is super)

  54. Branda Goshorn

    Came with a delay of 3 days, the child is delighted, We 6 months really liked everything as a gift were stickers

  55. Émeric Figuier

    Cool toy, for two weeks the delivery reached, the son is happy, there were no batteries, but not critical, for such a price this is the best toy

  56. Ellie Julius

    Like in the photo, enchanted with the rattle, it has different kinds of music, ideal for my baby to play when born, the ears are rubber lo Which could also be used by the time your teeth start to come out and use it as a teether, you would buy it back, no need to communicate with the Seller

  57. Starr Lheureux

    I liked everything, the delivery is fast, I did not communicate with the seller, I recommend it

  58. Jamel ben mabrouk

    For such money an excellent toy, with the original does not compare of course (right for comparison) but the difference in price is huge… However, the child can be distracted by this toy for

  59. Oscar Álvarez

    Nice toy. To PC delivery one and a half months.

  60. Antonio Levine

    Just like in the description, delivered prematurely and put gift stickers! Thank you

  61. Zoraida Swick

    The goods came in time. Good bunny.

  62. Shante Dezern

    Excellent toy, you need 2 Pinky batteries. Put a gift-nakdejki. Everything glows, plays) only music and songs and all) super for their money is excellent!

  63. Jaqueline Phipps

    Everything works, came earlier for 20 days, from the declared time. With the seller there was no need to communicate, everything is super!

  64. Rosalie Robertson

    Fast shipping. No communication with the seller. Large toy and very cute. Thank you…

  65. Derrick Sclafani

    Taken as a present, looks better than I expected. Delivery fast. Thank you for the gift!

  66. Klemens Totleben

    Everything works. Ears are certainly big for small children. And so everything is super.

  67. Ildefonso Sollami

    Delivered in time, everything is whole. They did not communicate with the seller. Gift put. Recommend

  68. Alpha Um

    Igrashka to kijeva joined dovoli shvidko. Packed good. At podarunok Yishi nalipki 🙂 igrashka on my Dumka nadto guchna. And so everything is right, all the reception, Garna.

  69. Takako Ream

    Very cool toy. works from 2 little batteries. Very unobtrusive. pleasant very

  70. Bonnie Montes

    More than the original, also cool, cod different sounds.

  71. Armaan Ellison

    Super Toy, child interested

  72. Shanda Gatling

    An excellent toy similar in the children’s world costs about 4 thousand And here for such a appreciate an excellent toy. I’m happy with this purchase. I hope the child likes him for 2 months can not try. But the quality pleases. Thank you for the gift

  73. Jeremy pinot

    I went to the bunny for exactly a month. the stickers as a gift are very nice. The Bunny itself plays, the face can be touched with fingers like on the piano.

  74. Wendi Raver

    Thank you for this MilotWere supposed to deliver by August 17, August 5, already took this charm in the mail. Special thanks to the seller for the gift in the form of cute stickers

  75. Savannah Brotherton

    Cool thing!! Straight to 6 +. Warmly recommend! Babies will definitely like it!

  76. Oscar Álvarez

    More sound and melody
    Several light just perfect for the price

  77. Clarita Pursell

    Externally excellent, corresponds to the photo and description, packed well in the navel, works, the sounds are not nasty, not very loud, the batteries are not included.

  78. Maximilien Chopin

    Very cool toy, we are 3 months old very interested. More stickers as a gift put. Thank you

  79. Susann Masson

    The toy is not bad, but there is a large gap in the place where the ears are located and on the body too

  80. Jannette Wilmes

    The toy rattle came intact, packed in a pupyrku, did not check for musicality yet, because you need a battery. As a gift, the seller put volume children’s stickers! Thank you! Recommend

  81. Tandy Hoyte

    The toy is very cute. Plastic flimsy, perhaps a strong drop will not survive, but the toy is decent: several melodies, rattles when moving the toy, work 2 lights, works from a small 2 volume control. In general, we liked it, in the hands of holding it is convenient even for a small handle, the toy is light. Delivery 23 days before Astrakhan in Postamat sdeca. Also as a gift put stickers.

  82. Major Woodrum

    I really liked the rattle, there was absolutely no chemical smell or smell of plastic, which was very pleased, the pattern is clear, pleasant to the touch, it will glow.

  83. Graham Rankin

    The toy is just a bomb!!! At us in the store it costs 2200 rubles. And the quality is the same, the only difference is only box

  84. Bonnie Montes

    Thanks to the seller, quickly sent the goods. Delivered quickly in 2 weeksAs a gift put stickers, very cuteBatteries have not yet inserted, I’ll add a review later…

  85. Lelah Pelosi

    I went off the wire for 2 days, did not work music, my husband fixed it. For 300 re Super Toy, when shaking plays a melody on notes

  86. Germain Beaumont

    Rattle is very cute. Packed well. They put more children’s stickers. Price-quality is wonderful. On ozone such from 2 T. it’s worth it. Delivery before the term in the combined parcel, about 4 weeks.

  87. Ira Forster

    The toy liked the child, plays with pleasure.

  88. Xose Mendez

    Everything is super) the baby liked it)) and in addition as a gift stickers) very nice))

  89. Miriam Perry

    Delivery to ekb about three weeks. Track tracked. The product corresponds to the description. Everything works.

  90. Eleri Barnes

    An interesting toy rattle, different from the original and size, much more. And so for a child of a small, most that, knock the chase and music) came quickly

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